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What Do You Want In Your Kitchen?

What Do You Want In Your Kitchen?

Ask people what they want in their kitchens and their initial response may be confusion followed by, “you know, worktops, cupboards, cooker, sink, the usual.” Then they actually think about the question, and think of the little luxuries they would love to have.

We asked a few people what they’d ideally like in their kitchen and this is what they said:

boiltap“One of those boiling water taps would be really handy!” – Craig D.

Boiling water taps are a popular option as you don’t have to boil a kettle or saucepan of water whenever you need boiling water, you just take what you need from the tap! There is a heating tank that keeps water hot so you have access quickly and easily. Most boiling water taps look just like normal taps so will fit right in with your sink and can be more energy efficient than a standard kettle.

kitchen3“I’d like to incorporate more hanging storage to free up my worktops since there never seems
to be enough space.” – Dannielle S.

Adding a bar with hooks or hanging storage pots helps not only keep things tidy and neat looking, but is very practical in small kitchens where worktop spaces are at a premium. Another option is to add racks on the back of cupboard drawers to hide away spices or small bottles of sauces and oils.

kitchen2“Clever storage would be good, when you pull out a cupboard or drawer and there’s a lot more room than you thought.
Heated flooring would be nice too.” – Callam M.

Corner cupboards are often necessary to create a cohesive kitchen look, but can sometimes be awkward to store things in. Pull outs can ensure you use every bit of storage space you’ve got without having to dig around for what you need.

SMV69T20GB_CO“I couldn’t live without our dishwasher. I wasn’t sure when designing our kitchen, but it’s great to have the sink
and countertops clear of dishes.” – Laura W.

You may think your kitchen could never fit a dishwasher, but if you really want one our design experts can look at all the space saving options and cupboard combinations to try and fit one in. Dishwashers come in very small streamlined sizes these days meaning even those with smaller kitchens can often still benefit from one.

When designing your kitchen, it’s important to think of the little luxuries that you’d like to have that would make your life easier. Stop by our kitchen showroom in Wakefield to speak with our experienced kitchen designers on how to get the most out of your new or existing kitchen.