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Making the most of your Kitchen Space

Making the most of your Kitchen Space

Most people want to utilise as much as their kitchen cupboard and counter space as possible. You will rarely hear anyone saying they need a ‘smaller’ kitchen or have way too much cupboard space. There are several tricks you can use to help better organise your cupboards and keep your worktops clutter free, ensuring your kitchen is as functional as possible.


Pullout racks inside cupboards are a great alternative to storing everything on shelves. They give you a quicker and easier access to the contents as opposed to having to reach behind a mess of objects to find what you want.

Pan racks for corner cupboards are especially useful as it can be hard to reach all the way back into the corner to get what you are after.


Dividers in drawers are a great way to separate your utensils. These moveable ones in the drawer below are versatile and mean you aren’t stuck with the same layout if you want to change the contents.


If you don’t want outlets on the walls with chords trailing down, pop up outlets that come out of your countertop can be a good solution for charging points or appliances that you bring out once in a while to be plugged in. When not in use, you can simply push the outlet strip back down into the countertop to be out of the way.


By hanging a rail along your wall, you can hang your utensils instead of storing them in bulky pots on your worktops, freeing up more workspace and keeping everything looking tidy. You can also hang racks for your spices, plants, coffee and tea jars and more.  Another option is to hide a rack inside a kitchen cupboard or on the back of a door to store spices and oils out of the way and out of sight.

We can help you pick and choose the right space saving extras for your new kitchen. Stop into our Kitchen Showroom in Wakefield for more information and to see our full range of products.