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How to Buy a Bathtub

How to Buy a Bathtub

Bathrooms are not only functional rooms in our house, but can also be created as a relaxing haven if you choose. Choosing the right bathtub can have a big impact on your room, will it be the focal point? Or do you want it to blend in seamlessly with the wall behind it. bathtubs

For practical reasons, it’s best to figure out what you will actually be using your new tub for. Do you only have a bath for relaxation purposes? If that’s the case you could go for the grand free standing option, not needing it to be as practical as it won’t be used all of the time. If you have kids or pets that will need to use the bath, make sure it’s be enough for your needs and think about adding a shower hose for ease of use.

Do you need to have a combined bath and shower? Is there space in your bathroom for a separate shower? If you need to combine the two, it’s important to look at your space and how you can fit everything in. Measure, measure, and then measure again. You don’t want to get your new tub home and find it looks huge/clunky/doesn’t fit in your bathroom!

If you have a small space and an inset bath is your only option, there are still many different choices available. You can choose to set your bath off with bright or patterned tiles behind it, or forgo traditional plastic cladding with something more exciting and eye catching like stone or wood.

Think about your materials. While a cast iron bath may look pretty, remember that they absorb heat and will cool your bath water more quickly than a composite tub. It’s important to also think of the weight of your new tub, if it’s heavier than your existing one your joints may needs reinforcing as remember it will be a lot heavier once filled with water.

Test out different styles. You may think you want a deep bath with high sides, but when you get in it you may realise you feel more comfortable in a more traditional bath where you can lie horizontally. While you are in store climb in different baths and test them out, it’s the best way to find the most comfortable bath for you.

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