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Bathroom Storage Tips

Bathroom Storage Tips

When it comes to re-doing your bathroom, it can sometimes be challenging adding all the storage space you want while not making your bathroom seem small by overloading it with furniture. There are a few great ways to meet all your storage solution needs.IMG_4333

Utilise Wall Space

Big clunky cupboards of the past have been replaced with streamlined wall units. Add a big wall unit with a mirror over your sink that can be used to make the space look bigger as well as provide storage.

Vanity Units

Vanity units that wrap around your sink are a great way to not only add storage, but create a focal point in your bathroom. You can get units that take up the same amount of space a standing sink would meaning you don’t have to compromise other floor space in your bathroom. Floating wall mounted units are an option for an even more open feel.
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Non-Traditional Units

These days there are such a variety of units in shapes and sizes you are bound to find something perfect that will fit in your bathroom. From tall and narrow or custom built units to go against sloping ceilings, there is more choice than ever before.

Get Everything Together

Buy opting to buy all your furniture from the same range, you will create a more clean, cohesive look in your bathroom. Often times ranges will have a few different options so you can tailor what units will look best in your space. Sometimes you can even get a discount by buying more from a range, so it’s a good option to look into if you need more than one piece.bathroom units