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5 ways to update your Bathroom on a budget

5 ways to update your Bathroom on a budget

System InifinitUpdate your faucets, shower heads and hardware.

Sometimes your faucets or shower heads might look a little dated, these are easy to swap out and make a big impact on the room.  Make sure your towel racks, soap dispensers, and toilet roll holders all work together as well. Choose fixtures that complement each other to make everything look cohesive. We have a wide range of materials and designs to choose from to make sure you get something that is exactly what you want.

Change light fixtures.

Lighting is important but is often overlooked when it comes to the bathroom. Swapping out existing light fixtures is a very budget friendly way to update your bathroom. If you want to change styles, such as swapping out your hanging light in favour of recessed lighting, it’s probably best to hire a professional. Having two sets of lights that turn on, dimmer ones for relaxing in the bath and brighter ones for everyday use can make a big impact as well. System WashstandBuy new bathroom mirrors or frame existing ones.

Bathroom mirrors are a quick way to make your bathroom look bigger or change the overall look. Hang a mirror across a whole wall above your sink to give the illusion of space. You can also update your existing mirror by framing it to give a more put together look.

Choose new colours.

Painting your bathroom walls a new colour is a quick easy and cheap way to update your room while still making a big impact. If you want to go a little further, consider adding a small coloured tile backsplash somewhere in the room such as behind the tub, sink or toilet to give an interesting contrast. Use a solid colour or a fun pattern depending on your design taste.

Pick out a new shower curtain, towels and bathmats. 

It may sound like a simple change, and it is! Add a pop of colour or pattern to your bathroom easily by swapping out your old towels and bathmats and choosing a new shower curtain. These are often the first things that people notice when entering a bathroom, and easy to swap out as your tastes change and you feel like an update is needed.

For help with your bathroom, stop by our showroom in Wakefield to see what little changes you can make to update your space and make it a room you love.